The Powerpuff Girls 2.0: Is It Worth Watching?


Christian Alex Young (left), NatoJazz (middle), and Cam Young (right) are a student rap group called ItsFridayNite. Cam and Christian are undeclared freshmen at Georgia Southern University on the Armstrong campus and Nate is a graduate with two associates degrees in computer support.

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Sugar, spice, and everything nice! Your favorite 90’s superheroines have returned… or have they? The Powerpuff Girls, originally dubbed the “whoopass girls” by their creator Craig McCracken, have returned to Cartoon Network, the platform that aired popular shows such as Dexter’s Laboratory and Ed, Edd, ‘n’ Eddy.
The most common question for fans of The Powerpuff Girls is: Does the new show stay true to its older counterpart? Members of Georgia Southern’s Anime Crew have several thoughts about the new show.
Censorship might seem like a bygone concern for today’s cartoons, but first year graduate business student Russell Mullis said it is present in the new Powerpuff Girls.
“The one reason I really liked the old series… they had it where you could have more adult themes and adult innuendos that the kids didn’t know. It was more adult, the action, the violence, the fighting,” Mullis said. 

What is the modern day series not showing?

“People physically getting hit, slammed, and even some blood. Based off of modern day censorship issues and the success of other shows on Cartoon Network, they detailed it into a way that most of the old fans, I don’t believe, like,” he added.

In addition to the plots and action scenes in the new show, the characters’ general archetypes have been changed. The girls’ personalities have become more nuanced. The tone of the show has changed as well.
“The old Powerpuff Girls had a darker tone than what the new one seems to be like. The new one has a brighter outlook. They had Satan in the old show,” said Tatanisha Tweedy, a junior criminal justice major.
Members from the Anime Crew said that Him, along with Mojo Jojo, are some of their favorite characters from the old show. Many of the villains from the old show have not made their debut in the new one.

“Mojo Jojo has the best mystique and backstory about him since he was a failed experiment of the professor, most personal, more developed than the powerpuff girls in terms of character,” Chase Davis, a junior journalism major, said.
When you think about the new Powerpuff Girls, are you overwhelmed with a sense of excitement? Or are you left pondering that maybe, just maybe, the spark that made the old Powerpuff Girls considered so awesome is missing? You can check out the episodes that Cartoon Network has released so far and decide for yourself.

The Powerpuff Girls then versus now
The Powerpuff Girls then versus now

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