My top 5 songs for the summer


Tookie Brown

Akaria Stewart

From Unsplash

It’s beginning to look a lot like summer! Finals for us Georgia Southern University students are about one week away, and whether you plan on taking it easy this summer, traveling and being adventurous or working hard, you could always use a good playlist. Here’s my top five songs for summer 2019.

“Summertime Magic” by Childish Gambino

Okay, so I know this song came out last summer, but I can’t help but have it on my list for this summer as well. The eclectic  beat gives the perfect vibes for a beach day as he layers the song with background noises of waves crashing and a bass that’s sure to hit you right in the soul! Plus, the one and only bad gal Ri Ri is the leading lady in the video. How can you not love anything she’s a part of?

“High Hopes” by Panic! At the Disco

Again, another hit from last summer, but why not? This is a classic motivational song that serves to alter your mood when you’re feeling down and out . It’s an uplifting song about going for your dreams even when you’re unsure of how to make it happen. Not to mention the band kilt this beat! Even if you can’t relate to the message, the song will definitely have you rocking your head with pure enjoyment.

“Celebrate” by Da Baby

This Charlotte, North Carolina-based rapper is new to the scene as his hit song “Suge” is steadily climbing the charts. This song, “Celebrate,” is a classic tale that rappers often use in their music about making it out of their tough situations in life and making a better living for themselves. With the help of Atlanta-based rapper Rich Homie Quan, the two created a song that you and your crew will definitely be hype to as you’re getting ready for a night out.

“Feels” by Khelani

If you’re a fan of Kehlani, then you know she’s truly an artist that delivers herself wholeheartedly in her work. Her style is that old school and early 2000’s R&B vibe that always make you feel good or relateable to the artist. For all my fellow R&B heads, this is a bop!

“Sunny Days” by SahBabii

I must admit, upon first hearing his music, I wasn’t the biggest fan, but he’s since grown on me. This song is the perfect song for a road trip. It has a soothing beat and will certainly set the vibe for a summer drive.