Captain Marvel: More than your typical superhero

Noelle Walker

Image credit to Walt Disney and Marvel Studios

Captain Marvel is one of Marvel’s first female-featured movies that the comics company has highlighted in this era’s group of film superheroes.

The movie was released March 8, 2019. It has made almost $1 billion worldwide, according to

From fledgling to cosmic-level superhero

Keith Brown, the owner of Galactic Comics and Games, said that while the Avengers movies have included a lot of fantastic female characters in the previous Avengers movies, the characters have always been side characters.

“She did awesome, and she should, “ Brown said. “Captain Marvel–she is a powerhouse. Anybody who’s read the comics or anything like that, she is … toe to toe with Thor, and she can do quite a bit more.”

Brown added that Captain Marvel has so many more things to offer to the entire Avengers team, and she is the first superhero that ties everything, like the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy, together.

Brown mentioned that it needs to be taken into consideration that there’s years and years of Captain Marvel history being squished down into one character.

“From taking a character that was not when they were writing all the new … Marvel Cinema-verse … I think it was a fantastic way to take Carol Danvers and her character of Captain Marvel and then bring her in,” Brown said.

Brown said they did a great job showing this with the first end credit scene of the movie.

“Now she comes back and she’s not ‘fledgling Captain Marvel’ … to now she’s full blown Captain Marvel: cosmic-level superhero,” Brown said.

Cosmic Powers

Brown said these superheroes with cosmic powers are so beyond superheroes such as Spiderman and a lot of the Avengers.

“[Captain Marvel] is one of those superheroes that’s on a cosmic grand scale,” Brown said. “Previous Marvel movies don’t do a lot of the ‘cosmic grand scale’ justice.”

Brown said they did a great job with leaving things open on Captain Marvel. He said Carol Danvers is discovering who she is and who she can be at the end of the movie.

Captain Marvel in “Avengers: Endgame”

Brown said he could not even begin to speculate how Captain Marvel’s powers will be portrayed in the next movie, but he believes that they have stayed true to the spirit of her and the other characters.

“You have to take into consideration, we’re taking years and years of history and we have to squish it down to this one character,” Brown said.

A new take on a classic hero look

When you think of a normal comic book superhero what you see is a buff and super built, but this isn’t the case with the Captain Marvel ,” Brown says.

“We’ve seen a change in recent years where different individuals are a little more realistic…instead of trying to use her for being a woman to bring more guys to see it,” Brown said.

Brown thought that because of Captain Marvel’s realistic depiction, she is more relatable and not an idealized icon that is difficult for people to aspire to become.

“They actually brought in somebody that is a full blown character you just appreciate for being Captain Marvel,” Brown said.

The store owner elaborated that Captain Marvel’s character is also another great role model and costume choices for some of his younger, female customers.

He said the store has a lot of girls come in that want to read comic books, and it gives them another one of their heroes because they can identify with them.

“It’s fantastic to have characters that are strong for just being Carol Danvers and being a strong woman out there,” Brown said.

Brown said he thinks it’s fantastic to see female heroes coming in and having s spotlight shown on them.

“There’s a lot of diverse characters out there,” Brown said, “and I think they need a little more of a spotlight.”

Ashton Christianson contributed to this article.

Image credit to Walt Disney and Marvel Studios