Me and the Trinity: Local talent sans genre


Me and the Trinity Photo Credit: Facebook

Me and the Trinity Photo Credit: Facebook

By Chris Barber, Staff Writer

Me and the Trinity is a band that defies classification – even among the members themselves.The five-piece Savannah-based band takes pride in keeping listeners guessing, while delivering tracks that “break your neck with intensity,” as quoted from Under the Gun Review.

Displayed on their Facebook page is a quote that shows how the band categorizes itself: by not even attempting to. Vocalist Timothy Burnsed asks, “Why do rock and roll bands have to follow any type of formula? We come from a town where we aren’t hardcore enough to be hardcore, not metal enough to be metal, and not punk enough to be punk. But honestly, I like it that way.”

Drummer Josh Griner also admits he does not truly know which genre they belong to: “Me And The Trinity’s style is hard to describe. We like to call it ‘dirty rock ‘n’ roll’, but others have called us ‘chaotic hardcore’ and some have called us ‘southern metal core.’” Their music style has been compared to bands like Norma Jean, The Chariot and He is Legend.

“We just write and play what we love,” Griner says.

The band’s genre may remain unknown, but their passion for what they do is clear.

Music has been a part of Josh’s life ever since he was a little boy. “My grandmother was actually the one that got me into drumming. She was an extremely talented musician. When she lived in England, she played the accordion and piano for the radio back when the radio was live music. When I was very young, she would make a drum kit out of pots and pans, sit behind me, hold wooden spoons in my hands, and help me play drum rudiments from left to right. Throughout the years, drumming has given me an outlet and a chance to express myself. It’s an inspiration knowing that people listen to and enjoy the music that I play. Drumming has given me the chance to impact someone’s life through music, however small or large that impact may be,” Griner says. He explains how he also finds inspiration from the other members of the band.

“Timmy (vocalist) and Evan (guitarist) have been around the local scene for a while and are experienced and talented musicians. Logan (guitarist) and Ryan (bassist) are both younger than me, but incredibly talented. It’s cool to have a group of guys ranging from experience at age 26 to youth and talent at age 17 that can collaborate and mesh so well.”

No matter how different the inspirations and influences that draw together the members of Me And The Trinity to performing their chaotic, energy-driven music around the local Savannah music scene, they each share the same goal – to be great musicians and entertainers.

“Our stage presence is definitely what makes this band what it is. Our philosophy is that as musicians, we are entertainers. Airborne instruments and stage dives are not all uncommon at our shows,” Guitarist Logan Stewart explains.

The band used to frequent Sweet Melissa’s on Whitaker Street, but are branching out and playing a variety of venues. Recently, Murray Hill Theatre in Jacksonville, FL is where they perform most often.

Their new album “Crux” is available Dec. 9, 2014 and all of their older songs can be found at Give them a like on Facebook, follow them on Instagram and go see a live show. Your neck may break, but your ears will thank you.