Big Man On Campus Pageant raises funds for children

By Elijah Clarke, Staff Writer

Big Man on Campus, Armstrong’s male fashion show was held in the Student Union ballroom on March 11.
The Tri Sigma sorority has hosted this event in the past, but freshman pre-med biology major, Kayla Hamilton brought the event back. “I didn’t come up with the idea, Tri Sigma did,” Hamilton said. “The organization used to do it a long time ago. I just brought it back.”

Guests were greeted by females wearing slim black dresses who were also holding fraternity/sorority signs. To the front-left of the stage there was a projection of the Tri Sigma foundation. The judges sat in the front-right of the room. Songs like “This is Why I’m Hot” and  “Anaconda” set the mood.

Members from various fraternities volunteered and entered the ballroom oily and shirtless. They each took turns posing on stage.

After the gentlemen finished their entrances, a video named, “Play Therapy (Helping Children Heal)” was played. It explained how the organizations give donations to charities and use the money to help sickly children in need of attention.

Following the video, each participant was individually introduced and asked questions to be scored by the judges. They all had the same last question, “Why do you think that you deserve to be Big Man on Campus?” The first contestant to answer questions was Sean Pea, a Communications of Science Disorders major in Pi Kappa Alpha. He was followed by Huy Seles, Holan Owen and more.

After the questioning segment came the swimwear portion of the fashion show. All of the guys re-walked the aisle one by one in their swimwear for all the girls to swoon, and the guys to chant.

For the talent portion, some of the contestants performed singing and dancing numbers. Others performed acts such as hula-hooping and gymnastics routines. After all of the contestants’ talents were displayed, Tri Sigma president, Abbie Collie, thanked everyone for coming out. She expressed gratitude for everyone helping the sorority sponsor a good cause and  help sick children in need of medical attention.

Finally, awards were given out to close the fashion show. Collin Owen won the award of most money raised for the event. Mr. Dreamy (best in swimwear) went to Sean Pea, and Big Man on Campus was junior political science major Dylan Heran.

Heran expressed his excitement for winning the major award. “It’s awesome, I Love it. I’m glad the money is going to a good cause,” he said. “Some of the performances took a lot of practice, but it was worth it.”

Junior English Communications major, Llana Samuel, acknowledged the effort that went into hosting the event. “I’m really happy for Kayla. She did a lot of the thinking and planning that went into this event,” Samuel said. “We’ve been working on it since November and I think the outcome was worth it.”