Art Show proves professors working artists

By Ayanna Thompson, Staff Writer

The Armstrong Art Department held a reception Friday Oct. 9 for  professors who showcased their work in Armstrong’s annual faculty show. Each artist had the opportunity to provide a brief introduction and explain inspirations behind their work as guests arrived.

“Everyday life can have layers in it; I kind of unpack them in my paintings…I hope there is some universal resonance,” Professor Merlin said of her autobiographical paintings.

The group successfully provided the audience with a diverse body of work, from wearable, technology-forward art such as Professor Horne’s sound responsive headphones, to Professor Frankino’s handmade jewelry containing scrolls of positive affirmations.    

“Everybody is a beauty-seeker,”Professor Kim explains. ”The moment I found beauty was my ‘aha’ moment.”

Two of our newest art faculty members weighed in on what they thought about the event.

Professor Brumbelow, a new professor of photography, said, “It [was] really great to see [such] variety, both in medium and subject.” He  enjoyed the opportunity to see his fellow faculty members’ work.

Professor Yoder, another photography instructor, explained  that she felt the event showcased a “strong faculty.” and that “It’s fun to be around other working artists.” She particularly enjoyed Professor Green’s “unique” style evident in her Mr. Potato-head cane.  

The works reminded attendees that  our art faculty are also working artists. This event is annual and open to the public. For more information, contact the Art Music and Theater department.