‘Who Needs Love Anyways?’ Starlandia hosts Valentine’s day Self-Love Workshop


via starlandiasupply.com

Rachel Little, Staff Writer

Join workshop instructor Rainé Blunk at Starlandia Creative Supply, a new and used art supply store, this Saturday, Feb. 13,  from 12–2 p.m. for  “Who Needs Love Anyways:” a Self Care Valentine’s Card Workshop.

With love in the air and societal expectations on your shoulders, Valentine’s Day often causes more anxiety than euphoria. Starlandia wants to prioritize self-care, awareness and appreciation for all the things that make up who you are.

Blunk, an agender drag queen with The House of Gunt, is the workshop coordinator for Starlandia Supply and co-facilitator at QuoLab, a queer safe(r) DIY space. “From: Self, To: Self,” is a card-making workshop encouraging self-love and appreciation. It will also take time to discuss some of influences that cause so many to lose focus on self-care.

“Over this two-hour workshop,” the Facebook event reports, “Rainé will lead both group and individual brainstorming as well as free-creating/documenting activities to remind us why we’re all such superb creatures during this holiday weekend!”

Blunk orchestrated this workshop in hopes of creating a space where people can explore the social concepts and internalized hardships that distract from prioritizing self-care and self-love.

“In a society that is constantly reaffirming cisgendered coupling and monogamy as priorities for social acceptance and love, we often forget the importance of providing for ourselves,” Blunk said. “The workshop seeks to get in touch with anyone who has felt ostracized by Valentine’s Day but still enjoys the underlying notion of the holiday.”

Spend this Valentine’s weekend with creative minds enjoying a variety of topics. Gender norms, consumer capitalism and media protection of romance, as well as exploring how romantic relationships affect those involved will be discussed.

Armstrong student Kameron Brooks looks forward to attending and even plans on bringing his girlfriend.

“I was excited to see this workshop on Facebook because it’s something great to talk about whether you’re in a relationship or not,” he said. “The most important relationship you can really have is with yourself.”

The “Who Needs Love Anyways?” workshop will cost $5 to cover supplies. They also welcome you to bring any personal mementos or supplies to make your cards even more intimate.

Every Saturday and every other Wednesday, Starlandia Creative Supply entrepreneurs Clinton Edminster and Heather MacRae-Trulson host informative free workshops led by local artists. Check out more on Rainé’s multimedia work and performances at raineblunk.com.