Did you make your life harder by procrastinating over spring break?


I got an extension on an essay to the Monday after spring break that was originally due the Thursday prior. And I didn’t write it until the morning it was due.

Michaela Templeton, freshman rehabilitation science




op2I just laid in bed and caught up on sleep. I didn’t start an essay until the day it was due. I also had Spanish work and didn’t do any of it and now I’m a lesson and half behind. And thats my major.

Payton Dye, freshman spanish




op3I hella played myself. I’m turning in a bunch of stuff late. My post lab-haven’t done that.

Jordan Riggs, freshman psychology





op4I had a study plan and left it at home. I’m only ahead in two classes but I basically played myself because I had a project due today so I had to do it. I also failed an in class quiz. I just want to relax. I’m just stressed. I’ve been rushing to get ahead.

Kenia Thurmond, junior biology



op5I think I messed up because I went home and it’s not a break because you have to visit everyone and when you get back you want to relax. I got thrown back in. Your wheels aren’t going after a break.

Courtney Sims, senior criminal justice and international relations