Swiping at Southern: Student Takes on Dating Apps

Tony Ortega

Love is in the air and all over the Georgia Southern campus. Watch this video to find out which dating apps can help you get a date for Valentine’s Day.

Modern technology has made meeting people online easy. With just a swipe to the right you could find yourself making dinner plans with a new friend. The most popular app out of all the people I spoke to was Tinder. Overall verdict? They said it was a great app to make new friends and even find some love.

Many students recommend the app and say it way to put yourself out there.

Omar Blades, a senior information technology major, likes using Tinder because of the simplicity the app brings.

“I just swipe around and see what people are in the area. I’m not looking to get anything through Tinder,” said Blades.

Bumble is another app that is constantly used among students. Using this app and an app like Tinder seemed to be a common combination throughout the students. By having both apps, it allows them to broaden their range of meeting people.

Matthew Funk, sophomore journalism major, said he likes Bumble for the feature “where the girls have to message first.”

Instead of binge watching that new Netflix series,  you can have the opportunity to make new friends and start looking for that special date by joining some of these free dating apps.

There are features that you could pay for on the app that are not available on the free version. Features that allow you to see the people that are swiping right on you and also let you keep conversations from expiring.