Jamaican’Me Tie Dye Event

Jamaican'Me Tie Dye Event

By Charity Williams, Campus Editor


On August 22, ISO (International Student Organization) hosted the Jamaican’Me Tie Dye Event which was held near the Student Union Fountain. The event was held to celebrate Jamaican Independence Day.

The event began at 12 p.m. and lasted until 2 p.m. or until supplies lasted. While there, students were able to tie dye t-shirts with an organization that is about International students and American students socializing and promoting awareness about diverse cultures.

When asked why ISO hosted the event, Laiba Khan, president of ISO, said, “It’s to promote the culture for Jamaican Day.”

When asked what was the connection between Jamaican culture and tie dye, it was explained that tie dye was popular in the Jamaican culture.

Sierra McGrath and Fiona Ard-Kelly participate by tie-dying a shirt together. Photo by Laura Weyman.

“I came to tie dye,” said fellow student Sierra McGrath. “It’s free clothes, man.”

Fellow students Grace Chancellor and Azjelea Frazier create their own tie dye shirts. Photo by Laura Weyman.

“My friend is Jamaican,” said Grace Chancellor when asked why she chose to come to the event. “I really enjoy tie dye.”

Liliana Reyes finishes up her tie dye creation. Photo by Laura Weyman.

“I came just to know about the culture, the music,” said Liliana Reyes. “This is my first time. I’ve never done tie dye.”

On the tables were all the equipment that were needed to tie dye: plastic bags, gloves, and an assortment of paints. Students decorated their tie dye shirts in a variety of ways even some members from the campus newspaper, The Inkwell, created a tie dye shirt.

The Inkwell got their own creation during the event. Photo by Laura Weyman.

Along with events like the Jamaican’Me Tie Dye event, there are all kinds of activities to get involved with that promote diversity. For more information on future events, be sure to check out The Inkwell’s Campus Corkboard on the webpage as well as in the paper.