SGA Meeting: We All Scream for Ice Cream

SGA Meeting: We All Scream for Ice Cream

Jason Chapman, Staff Writer

The SGA senate meeting this Monday covered many different topics. Leaders from Health Services were present to inform the senate about Sexual Assault Awareness Month which begins on campus in October. They handed out flyers to show the various events that are taking place to combat sexual assault on campus.

Then there were 18 motions to approve funding for many different group events. Every motion was approved. 

Liberty campus is facing difficulties and the SGA is looking to solve the problems that students have there.

Executive Vice President Spencer Demink said, “As of now there is concerns about a bus not going to campus when it was advertized that it was, parking concerns, security guard concerns, there’s been concerns, the director of the Liberty campus is not on the President’s advisory council for the university.”

Legislation is being drafted to fix these problems soon. 

The Textbook Exchange Group on Facebook is looking to be revitalized. It is a Facebook group where students can exchange books with each other to help bring the cost of various textbooks down.

Rumblings about an ice cream machine being added to The Perk in the Student Union were discussed but there were concerns about people making a mess around campus so the ice cream machine could be moved to the Galley. 

Concerns have been raised over the possible cap on printers around campus. Students have been saying that the printing machines stop printing at 25 pages. Students are supposed to have unlimited access to the printers. SGA will investigate further and The George-Anne Inkwell Edition will update you soon.