From Nottingham to Statesboro, Davie looks to use experience on the pitch with the Eagles

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  • Freshman forward Adam Davie comes to the Eagles from Derby County FC in England. 

Kaitlin Sells

Adam Davie is a 5-9 freshman from Nottingham, England and Georgia Southern soccer’s latest addition where he has already impressed by scoring three goals in the 209 total minutes he’s played in.

The striker previously played for Derby County FC. In his four years of play for the club, Davie scored 63 goals and had 28 assists, but he was looking to continue playing at a higher level.

“I found him through the recruiting process through the way you always find good players, through contacts,” head GS coach John Murphy said.

A former player of Murphy’s who had moved on to be an assistant coach at Boston College was scouting a goal keeper in England but had the knowledge that Murphy was looking for a striker. Once he came across Davie he contacted Murphy to let him know of the new founded soccer star.

“So that’s really how it starts, Murphy said. “It’s somebody that you trust within your professional network that reaches out to you.”

The freshman came out strong, scoring two goals in the very first game of the season against VCU to seal the win for the Eagles, and being the first to score against North Florida in the first three minutes of the game.

“He’s a very positive kid. He’s a hard worker,” Murphy said. “He puts the work in at practice because he knows for it to translate into the game that’s really the way you have to practice. You have to practice like it’s a game pace.”

Davie’s been playing soccer for most of his life, and Georgia Southern was his next opportunity to continue to play and continue to succeed in the game.

“I started when I was about six just playing locally back in England,” Davie said. “I had the chance to come over here and I thought it was a great opportunity. I had come for a visit, they brought me here to look around. I got here, and the facilities are really impressive. I thought it was the best match for me really.”  

“I love the atmosphere,” Davie said. “It seems like such a friendly place. And you know, the weather’s not bad.”

The competition here in the United States is a lot different than the level of play back in England and what Davie is used to, but he’s adjusting.

“It’ll take a little time to adjust, the level of play is really hard here,” Davie said.

Davie and the rest of the Eagles look to continue to stay unbeaten this season as they face some tough opponents including this Friday, September 7 at home where they’ll be facing off against Florida Gulf Coast.