What’s it like to be an international student at Georgia Southern

Elise Taylor, Multi Media Journalist

Getting used to college life on campus can be challenging for some students, especially when they’re involved in clubs, sports, and jobs around the community. 


For international students, it’s even more of a challenge to get used to an entirely different country. 


“My biggest challenge has been to interact with, uh, a culture that is very much different from mine. Even though I’m very extroverted and it doesn’t feel like it, the challenge is inside of me of just letting it go,” said Gabriele De Figuerierdo, a senior from Brazil. 


There are 335 international students here at Georgia Southern from all over the world. 


When it comes to getting used to the environment, there is an orientation, as well as an extended orientation program that meets the first few weeks of the semester to make sure that students are adjusting well.


The main goal is to make sure that students feel right at home in the Boro.


“Initially I would struggle to hear people and they would struggle to hear me too but overtime that really changed and the second thing I want to talk about is the food. Different meals, like totally different,” said Nnamdi Ofani, a junior from Nigeria. 


Regardless of the differences between America and their home countries, these students appreciate each individually and completely recommend the experience. 


“I would just want to encourage anyone that is willing to do a studying abroad program because it’s definitely a very rewarding experience and an open minding experience,”

De Figuerierdo said.


“It’s always nice to be in a place where you’re a foreigner, it’s a nice experience and it’s something I challenge all my American friends. Take a step out, you know, go do study abroad,” Ofani said.