Counseling Center re-earns accreditation

Ashton Christianson

The Georgia Southern University Counseling Center has re-earned its International Association of Counseling Services accreditation.

The IACS accreditation helps to ensure that the Counseling Center gives students the highest quality care, Jodi Caldwell Ph.D., Director of the Counseling Center said.

“Maintaining our accreditation with IACCS means that we are ensuring that Georgia Southern University Students are receiving the highest quality of care possible, with the most stringent of protections in place for clients. IACS ensures that accredited centers have appropriate staffing, resources, and procedures to meet the needs of their student bodies,” Caldwell said.

The Counseling Center offers 12 free sessions for GS students, as well as many other free many other events and sessions for students to be able to use even if they aren’t clients.

The Counseling Center can be found on Forest Drive and is open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Counseling appointments can be made by calling (912) 478-5541.

Ashton Christianson, The George-Anne Daily Reporter,