Grocery Price Check

Ashley Watts

Since the Statesboro Publix opened its doors in early December, many students have ditched their old go-to grocery store in support of the popular chain.

“I just started shopping at the Publix. I love Publix, um, I’m from a place where there’s a lot of them so having the first one down here is very nice. Makes me feel like home.” GS student, Isabella, said.

“Now that Publix is here that is where I’ve been probably 2-3 times a week.” GS senior, Cate, said.

“Publix is just a lot nicer, and they have more options and more variety.” Freshman, Gracie, said.

Though some students voiced their excitement about shopping at Publix, others said the prices are just too high.

 “Just as a college student I’m trying to save money any way I can and Publix can get pricey.” GS junior, Zayona, said.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics published an economic news release last month reporting that Americans are spending 11.8% more on groceries right now than they were this time last year.

High inflation rates paired with Publix’s already high prices in comparison with other stores, makes shopping at Publix just out of reach for some students.

I visited five local grocery stores and did a price check on a few staple items, to see if Publix really is that much more expensive than other stores, and to help students decide if switching to the popular store is worth it.

You’ll have to decide for yourself if the extra cost is worth it. I reached out to Publix for a comment regarding their reputation for higher prices, but they did not respond to my request.