Students deserve more dining options

Going to Chick-Fil-A on campus for lunch is a nightmare for most students. The long line extending all the way out of the store gets makes even the most loyal fans lose their appetite.

Eating at GS

If you go to Gus Smart or the IT building, you can only get sandwiches, soups, wings, pizza and now sushi. If you don’t like half of that stuff, you are pretty much stuck with either Chick-Fil-A or above-average sandwiches every day.

I believe this needs to change. There should be more dining options for students on campus. Students should be able to eat lunch without having to pay the high price of the dining plans or wait 30 minutes for their food to be done.

Eagle Dining has failed the students in providing a variety of exciting and innovative meal options for students to enjoy. Comparing dining locations with the University of Georgia, Georgia Tech and even Georgia State shows it is unfair.

Eating at other schools

At UGA, students have the ability to eat at 23 different locations, including dining halls. UGA allows students to choose from a wide variety of food to satisfy whatever they are craving. From tacos to burgers, UGA even has a food truck for students to be able to eat on campus without having to wait 30 minutes just to get a cold chicken sandwich and a coke that has more ice that actual liquid.

At Georgia Tech, students have 17 locations around campus, with a new dining location coming in the Fall of 2017. Sure, they benefit from being in Downtown Atlanta, but at the same time, all of these locations can be found on campus property for students to enjoy.

Georgia State has 19 locations in total, compared to the eight locations on Georgia Southern’s campus for students to eat.

Problems with solutions

How is it possible that one of the largest universities in the state, with over 20,000 students, has so little options for students to choose from? Sure, they can always cook, but cooking presents its own set of problems and we don’t always have enough time in between classes and our other obligations for that.

Not everyone has the resources or the time to go back home and cook a meal. We pay enough tuition and fees at this university to deserve better dining options.

It’s not a matter of the quality of the food, which at times is decent. It’s about having the opportunity to taste new things and have the option to choose what we eat.

I’m not asking for 23 locations like UGA, I’m simply asking for more options. A burger place or a taco place wouldn’t hurt anyone. It is going to cost money, yes. However, the benefits for students would outweigh the cost.

It’s time to take action and demand change. Getting sushi was nice, but we should be able to get more businesses on campus for students to enjoy.

It’s time to go to the Student Government Association and voice our concerns for the lack of consideration on the time students waste waiting in line and the limited food options on campus.

Just remember, in the meantime, that there is more than one line at Chick-Fil-A, so please use them.