Corey Smith Back in the Boro

Araya Jackson

At first he was working day jobs and playing in small bar venues, like Retrievers, once or twice a month. Now, signed with a major record label from Nashville, Corey Smith has released his 10th album, “While the Gettin’ is Good”.

Smith has included Statesboro as a stop on his current tour, and he’ll be playing at South City Tavern on Thursday, May 5.

Rare to find in an artist, Smith is a true singer/songwriter, writing each of his pieces himself.

“I don’t write because I want to be on the radio, I don’t try to write hits, I just write what I know and what makes me feel good and what I think is cool,” Smith said in a phone interview.

His songs are a personal representation of himself and his experiences. According to his album’s press release, this album explores themes of love, hometown pride and self-discovery. Smith has released multiple hits from “Fuck the Po-Po”, “If I Could Do It Again” and “I’m Not Gonna Cry”, which has been used at high-school graduations across the United States.

“I started playing music to make a difference. It’s nice to know I can write something and it affects people’s lives,” Smith said.

“While the Gettin’ is Good” album holds highly anticipated songs from “Bend”, “Taking The Edge Off” and “Blow Me Away.” Working with Sugar Hill Records, Smith was able to go into an actual studio, edit, and mix his music the record label way for the first time.

“When people hear the difference, it’s definitely there,” Smith said.

Smith started out playing in college towns and bars, including right here in Statesboro, and it’s a place where he feels very comfortable. He believes it to be his duty to invest back to the fans who have invested in him.

“It’s a nice break from reality, it’s an escape. It’s why we play music,” Smith said,“We focus on playing and hanging out and I hope an audience is just singing along and having their escape.”

There’s no better way to release after finals week and welcome in the summer than a good time at a country concert. Plus, it’s Cinco de Mayo, and you’ll probably be going out anyways. So grab your cowboy boots and a margarita to show Corey Smith a hell of a good GATA time. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased from Xorbia Tickets online.