SGA proposes new student fee to expand bus system

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Lauren Gorla

The Student Government Association has created a proposal that, if passed, would expand the university bus system to more locations on campus and in Statesboro.

The fee would add $3 to the current transportation fee, raising the overall transportation fee to $58. The new routes would include a bus stop on Sweetheart Circle, an hour longer service for the stadium shuttle route and service to the large Wal-Mart and Statesboro Mall area at least two days a week.

Adam Clay, SGA Vice President of Auxiliary Affairs, has been working on the plan for about a year and sees it as a positive service for students and the community.

“People have always talked about tying in the Statesboro and the Georgia Southern community and I think there’s no better way to do that than through this proposal,” Clay said. “You are literally putting students into the community.”

The expanded system would be exclusively for students, and the current buses would be used for the routes. A card swipe system would be used on the buses to ensure student safety.

Students can vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on this proposal by voting in the SGA elections located on MyInvolvement from April 4-6. The survey is intended to be only an exploratory vote to see if students would be interested in this expansion.

“We’re not saying [an expanded route] is definitely going to happen, but we want to get data so that students can use their voice to influence change on campus. We can’t make any proposals or big changes, especially for fees, without them supporting it,” Charles Glover, SGA President, said.

Once the results of the vote are tallied, SGA will decide what next steps to take. If the majority of students vote yes to the fee, the proposal will be presented to the President’s board and then possibly move on to the Board of Regents for final approval.

Glover said, approvals for fees do take time, and even if the students do vote an overwhelming yes, it may take multiple semesters to actually go into effect.

Photo courtesy of GSU Parking and Transportation website.