Senior spotlight: A Q&A with Matt Dobson

Ethan Flynn

Q: What’s one word that describes your career as an Eagle? What has the experience meant to you?

A: Winning. Playing at Georgia Southern has been an awesome opportunity for me – winning multiple championships and playing in front of our fans. It’s an experience I’ll look back on forever and really cherish. I’ll miss it when I leave here. It has been an awesome opportunity.

Q: What’s one word to describe the Eagle Nation? What does the Eagle Nation mean to the football team?

A: Electric. I really believe we have some of the best fans in America. Every home game we pack Paulson Stadium out, and that’s with the addition of a recent expansion. Even when we go on the road, we have so many fans that travel with us to games in states like: Idaho, New Mexico and Texas. The fans give us a spark. I’m so thankful for their support.

Q: Who is your favorite Eagle alum? Why?

A: My favorite Eagle alum is Ezayi Youyoute. He went through a lot here: started a few games at quarterback, fought through injuries and worked through some other things in his life. He was always a team guy and somebody you could seek for advice. When I came in as a quarterback my freshman year, he was the starting quarterback at the time. He took me under and taught me a lot. When we played ULM in the Sun Belt Championship last year, he had to come in during the fourth quarter and he made some big plays for us. That shows you what kind of guy he is and teammate he was – always prepared and always ready to help the team. He’s a guy I really admire.

Q: How does being bowl eligible for the first time in history affect the team?

A: We’re really excited about being bowl eligible for the first time. Anytime you can be the first do something at a place like Georgia Southern where there’s so much history, that means a lot. Our fans will travel well no matter where the bowl game is at. We’re excited about that. We’re just trying to take these next three games one at a time and get the best bowl game we can get.  

Q: What’s your leadership advice to those who look up to you, like your teammates?

A: I’d say always work hard and do the right thing. Be yourself. Don’t try to be somebody you’re not. Work hard in the classroom, weight room and on the field. Be a good friend and teammate. Be the best you can be.

Q: What’s most thrilling about playing the Bulldogs of UGA?

A: Getting to play against an SEC school. Going up there and proving we belong. I think we’ve done that so far since we’ve moved up. We’re going to go up there, play our best, make it to the fourth quarter and hopefully get a chance to win it there in the fourth quarter.

Q: How does UGA’s environment make for a hyped game?

A: The SEC has some great fans. You know UGA has some great fans. There will be 90,000 people there. It’s their senior night, so I’m sure it’ll be a great crowd. We’re excited about that. You like going into hostile environments and trying to pull off an upset. That’s what we plan to do Saturday.