New bike racks to be built on-campus

Jozsef Papp

The Center for Sustainability has granted funding for new bike racks to be constructed at Hendricks Hall and the College of Engineering building.

After the construction, Hendricks Hall will have a 22 bike parking capacity, while the College of Engineering building will have a 44 bike parking capacity.

There will be a total of four new bike racks that students will be able to use.

“We expect that the installation of new bike parking facilities will encourage more biking and less driving to and around campus for students, faculty and staff. Although it will benefit the students, the construction will benefit the environment,” Lissa Leege, Center for Sustainability director, said.

Although it will benefit the students, the construction will also benefit the environment.

“This decreases vehicle congestion around campus, limits fossil fuel use and pollution, and encourages a healthy lifestyle all at the same time,” Leege said.

In addition, landscaping of native grasses will help mitigate additional rainwater runoff from the increased impervious area, according to Leege.

Chuck Taylor, Campus Landscape Architect, submitted a proposal to the Center for Sustainability for a grant to be able to fund the construction of the bike racks, citing the need “to encourage and support the use of bicycles in transportation to, and around campus,” in his proposal.

The Student Sustainability Fee Committee approved Taylor’s project to install the bike racks.

The Center for Sustainability expects to spend a total of $25,000 on the construction and all of the money will come from the sustainability fee.

“With the exception of the time and labor provided by the Department of Facilities to support the installation, student sustainability fees are the full funding source for the materials for this project,” Leege said.