CRI events Nov. 6-12

Saturday, Nov. 8

Show of Strength is today! Test your strength and come out to the RAC at 10am and compete against other students in your weight class to see who is the strongest. For more information or to register, visit

Monday, Nov. 10

Belay Clinic will be held at 7 pm. in the Southern Adventures room as part of the Climbing Clinic Series. No pre-requisites are required and if interested visit

Tuesday, Nov. 11

The Campus Farmers Market is coming to campus at the Williams Center Plaza from 10 am. to 1 pm. If interested and wish to preview the vendors in advance, visit

Open High Challenge Course is today from 3-6 pm. Pre-Registration is required, to learn how to register visit

The third Olympic Lifting Clinic will start and focus on The Snatch at 8:30 pm. in the Conditioning Room. Those interested in learning proper technique of the Olympic lifts are encouraged to attend.

Wednesday, Nov. 12

Intramural Swim Meet tonight at 7pm! Registration will be from 6-6:30pm before the meet. Come out and test your swimming abilities. For more information, visit