Have a gory time at Scare House of the South!

Donna Jones

Dark halls, screams of terror and plenty of gore are in store for any brave soul who is willing to take a roadtrip to Scare House of the South. This haunted house prides itself on being original and pushing the show to the limit each and every year. 

The things that we have created for you to experience here will not be found at other haunted houses,” Nathan Foskey, coordinator of the production, said.

Scare House of the South features multiple attractions that no other haunted attraction has. Besides the main house, there is an underground tunnel system that is called “The Mine Shaft,” Foskey said. There also is a haunted trail and the newest attraction of 2014, “Inertis.”

Every year customers experience something new at Scare House of the South. This type of extreme production takes a great deal of time to come together.

“We work on it in some form or another all year, from brain storming new, original ideas to reconstructing every scene in the show so our customers keep coming back every Halloween to experience something new,” Foskey said.

So what does it take to make Scare House of the South?

1.) A dependable and well-skilled team. Without dedication and talent, a huge show like this one cannot go on.

2.) A great location. Plenty of space is needed to build the attractions and additional space is required for customers to park. It also needs to have a “creepy” look.

3.) Actors. The actors have to be able to fully commit to the terrifying character.

4.) Makeup. Let’s face it, actors aren’t nearly as scary without blood dripping from their face or on axe coming out of their head.

5.) Money. It takes tens of thousands of dollars each year to produce the show. This includes fees for building materials, insurance, fire safety, props and advertising.

According to Foskey, the team builds the show every year to make themselves feel uncomfortable or scared, everything at the haunted house is built by hand by Foskey and his team. The core group of Foskey’s team have all been working together for several years and are able to figure out a way to build just about anything the team imagines, while he actors take care of the rest.

There are around 60 actors that work at Scare House of the South. The actors in the attractions will get in your face. Sometimes they will touch you. Sometimes they will chase you.

Scare House of the South tickets for the show are $15 for general admission and $40 for a fast pass ticket. The box office is open from 6:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. The days of the shows are Friday, Oct. 17, Saturday, Oct. 25, Friday, Oct. 31. There is also a show Saturday, Nov. 1. The box office will be open from 6:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Scare House of the South is open rain or shine and the show begins at dark. For more information including directions, visit the website at http://scarehouseofthesouth.com/. Make sure to bring cash and a change of pants!