Analyzing Georgia Southern win over NMSU

Hayden Boudreaux


I liked the move to put Upshaw in at quarterback. Nothing was working for the Eagles and Ellison took a brutal hit on the second drive. Upshaw is a very capable quarterback and has proved his ability to throw the football this season. When nothing is working on offense it is best to throw them a curve ball early to make them adjust. This ended up working when they replaced Ellison and drove 70 yards on seven plays.

Ellison played as well as he has all season. He runs with such toughness and heart but it make fans cringe after every tackle. On one particular play Ellison was near the sideline but cut back inside for a couple extra yards but had to be taken out due to his banged up shoulder. He might make it through the rest of the year but Fritz and the rest of the staff will need to adjust his running style to get the next two years out of him.

Running Backs

Four different running backs took carries for the Eagles tonight and all of them impressed. L.A. Ramsby had his game of the season after rushing over 100 yards in the first half. Brieda may not have ran for his traditional long touchdown but he did put up solid numbers and a couple huge runs. Devin Scott got a lot of play time compared to the rest of the season and showed that he could roll with the starters. Ean Days who was originally going to sit out this week due to a hamstring injury came into the game after Brieda was banged up to score a touchdown.


Coach Fritz made an amazingly gutsy call on fourth down in the redzone to call an option. The team needed a touchdown and the first down gave them the opportunity to get on the board. He made the call again later in the second quarter. However calling two passes into the endzone on second and third down only to kick a field goal almost seemed to take away momentum.

The rest of the game the offense looked solid and a step ahead of the Aggies. The inside-option runs torched the defense and the passes, though we didn’t complete most of them, were well timed and put the defense off balance. Scoring 38 points should always be enough to put away a game if the defense does their job.