Bucket list revisited

Gutknecht is a senior journalism major from Conyers, Ga.

Jackie Gutknecht

Two years ago, I wrote a column about all of the things I thought you should have on your Georgia Southern bucket list. I have since completed all but one of those items, and I hope to complete the final one before I graduate in a week, but I think as a graduating senior my opinion has changed. There are some things that I think should be added to your GSU bucket list in order to fully enjoy your time here.

Go to an away football game: Georgia Southern fans are True Blue through and through, and I find it so inspiring to go to an away football game and see all of the GSU fans who have made the journey to travel with their team and show their support. It really makes you appreciate your school and the passion that everyone has for it.

Walk through every building on campus: This campus is changing all the time. Make sure before you leave you have seen the inside of every building on campus, so that way when you come back you can thoroughly take in the changes around you.

Join something: This University is a huge place. Yes, it is a “large scale small feel” college, but it is easy to get lost here. Join something, get involved or do something that leaves a mark. You want to be able to come back in 20 years when your kids are touring campus and show them what you did here, outside of the Plaza.

As you get older, the items on your bucket list seem to change. Yes, I still think it is important for everyone to dance on a picnic table at Rude Rudy’s, order Jimmy Johns after midnight, go to the bars with your parents and take a picture with Gus, but I also think it is important to get involved with your school. Georgia Southern has been my home for the last four years, and I have so much pride in that. If you get involved in your school, there’s no doubt in my mind that by the time you leave you will feel that pride as well.

Hail Southern and No Place Else.