Change is the new black

Erinn Williams

Yay! It’s about to be summer! I’m definitely ready to blow this gnat-filled land and head for the cozy suburban hills of Metro Atlanta. There is definitely no place like home and home for me is where the traffic is in abundance and a Taco Bell is on every corner.

But you know what I’m most excited for? Change! I’ve been doing the same old thing for the last few months. I wake up, eat. Post up, eat. Walkin’ round in it, eat. At some point I want to add sleeping to that equation.

Change is a healthy and beautiful thing that we should learn to be happy about.

It was change that caused me to come to Georgia Southern in the first place. It was change that caused me to work toward having a career in the Foreign Service. And it was a need for change this semester that caused me to except Peyton’s call for columnists.

I never thought that I would be sharing my zany and often not well-planned out opinions with the GSU community but here I am. I love it and apparently some of you guys love it too.

So this summer, I would like to see the students of Georgia Southern embrace change. Use these months off to do something that you never thought you could. skydive, start Zumba, get off the couch every once in a while, even buy chocolate swirl ice cream instead of vanilla. Just get out there and do something strange. Live it up! In case you didn’t know, change is the new black.

And don’t worry, I’m not a hypocrite. While you are changing I will be too. This fall, I will move from being a senior A&E; reporter to the Opinions Editor. So have fun y’all and I will see you guys next year! Hopefully we are still able to recognize each other. There are great things to come for all of us, and this summer is your chance to make the changes for that to happen.