The senior reds

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Kimeko Mccoy

Last paper, I ranted about the process (or lack there of) of graduation. It’s hard, there’s not a whole lot of structure and what not. After it was published, I looked back at my handiworks and thought that it was good. I thought, “Yea, I’m a senior and graduation should definitely not be that hard because that’s just ridiculous.”

I thought, “Yea, I’m a senior.”

And then I thought, “Oh God. I’m a senior.”

So, I know present you with what I’ve been calling the senior reds. I would call them senior blues but the blues are sad. Senior reds are more of a constant panic attack.

1. It’s no longer acceptable to drink in the middle of the day.

Say goodbye to the days of El Sombrero with huge margaritas and reasonable prices. You don’t have to say goodbye forever, just during the day when you need alcohol the most because your boss is awful and you’re not quite sure how your coworkers managed to get hired.

2. Leggings (sweat pants ) are no longer an acceptable form of fashion.

No matter how glorious leggings, tennis shoes (or flip flops) and a oversized shirt may be for an outfit, you can’t wear these at work with professional people. I mean you could, but you probably won’t be working there long.

3. Three month vacations? Gone.

Not a whole lot to say here. It just sucks. There’s a thing similar to this though, it’s called unemployment.

4.You’ve got to put your plan into action.

Remember that rehearsed line you’ve been telling everyone when they ask you what you’re doing after graduation? Well now you actually have to do it. Unless it was an adult who wears leggings (sweat pants) and drinks during the day on a three-month vacation, it’s all over.

Welcome to adulthood.