Amy Taylor to serenade Statesboro

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  • Photo: Amy Taylor

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Jennifer Arthurs

Singer/songwriter Amy Taylor will be performing at the Statesboro restaurant Millhouse this Thursday at 9 p.m.

A Georgia native, Amy Taylor is a singer, songwriter and musician who has performed in different locations such as Locos and Millhouse in Statesboro.

Taylor, described as spicy meets sweet, came into the country music scene as a member of a band in which she played a six-string guitar.

This small-town-raised girl has shared stages with country performers such as Chris Young, Jason Michael Carroll, and even Florida Georgia Line.

So far she has also been nominated for Georgia Music Awards for Country female artist of the years and also became the Country artist of the month for April 2010.

Taylor performed several times at Millhouse, providing the audience with a variety of musical genres to capture their attention.

Jeff Wohelski, the general manager of Millhouse, enjoys having Taylor perform at his establishment. Her performance brings in a crowd that loves to hear her play, he said.

“I think she has a very good Southern drawl as far as her music, especially her acoustic show. She is able to do a wide diversity of music,” Wohelski said.

Taylor’s music tends to vary from different genres, such as her main focus of country to rock, Wohelski said. The tempo of the music even varies from upbeat songs that will keep the energy high to slow songs in-between to keep the audience’s attention.

“She does a really good job of keeping people very focused,” Wohleski said. “Very focused on what she is playing, what she is playing next. She really keeps the guest involved in what she is doing.”

Taylor’s music represents her own personality which she describes as “crazy, wild, humorous, outspoken” with a “depth that only opens when I am alone or with one other person.”

The idea of Taylor being a strong female country singer alone tends to bring in the audience, Wohelski said. A lot of individuals seem to enjoy hearing her perform, he said.

“She is always so friendly whether with me, or the guests or even my staff,” Wohelski said. “She makes it very easy [for her to] play here.”

Taylor’s music allows everyone to enjoy the music while she is performing for the audience. There is a little something for everyone, he said.

“She always brings in a good crowd,” Wohelski said. “It turns into a good fun time.”

Taylor is currently working on a new album with a long-time friend and producer, Johnny Garcia.