Your View-Students react to Wolfe accusations

Connor White

What are your thoughts on Lorne Wolfe being put on leave and how he is as a professor?

Mike Ofili, senior civil engineering major- “It was weird. It was really weird. I just felt like after the first offense he should have been put on ice, at least a little bit. Just saying something like that to someone is just really weird and awkward.”

Elaina Jennings, junior business management major- “I was a little shocked. I was surprised that a professor who was rated number one gets away with that. I am wondering what the school is going to do about it. I feel like students probably didn’t know about it. Maybe they hadn’t heard of it and he was a good teacher and he’s fun and the students probably didn’t know. I feel like a lot of people are going to judge him now, maybe lose some respect for him.”

Christy Motto, freshman early childhood education major- “I was pretty shocked. He won like three best teacher awards. That surprised me because they are voted on by the students. I think with college students professors can be kind of more relatable. They can be cool and not always as professional. They shouldn’t talk about personal topics with students.”

Keaton Nash, senior information technology major– “Well, he’s presented as a scumbag, but I didn’t know the man, so I have no way of saying whether there’s validity to it. If some of the statements didn’t pan out, then the students who accused him would need to be dealt with. You can be as informal as you want to be, as long as you don’t cross the student’s personal boundaries.”