Opinion: Men’s golf could win it all

Bethany-Grace Bowers

With three tournament wins under their belt this season, the Georgia Southern Men’s Golf Team is ready to take on the Sun Belt Conference Championship.

Even though they have had eight top ten finishes this season, their performance has not been the most consistent through every course.

Stars like senior Steven Fisk have led this team to all of the victories they’ve acquired seeing as he is ranked as the number eight golf in the NCAA and his averaging score is outstanding at 69.08.

It’s always hard when teams go into a competition against their closest opponents, but with GS already being ranked number two out of the 12 teams in the Sun Belt, all eyes are on them to pump out another victory.

Going into this tournament though, I have to break a few things down and put them in perspective:

Different Course

In golf every course is different, no questions asked. It’s going to be important for the Eagles to think about that going into this competition.

Even though GS has three wins on the season and they are ranked highly, if mistakes happen due to a change in scenery and playing on a bigger stage, their whole game could easily be thrown off.

Most people have heard that golf is around 90 percent mental, but it’s completely true. Each hole challenges the player to focus on the physics of each angle and the thought process must be thorough.

There’s No “I” in Team

While players like Fisk, along with junior Brett Barron and sophomore Avery Price, are in the top 20 in the Sun Belt, it’s easy to congratulate them on individual records.

It’s great to recognize individual players, but this is now the time to focus on the whole team and working as a unit to win that title for GS.

The average score per round for the players sits at 71.38. This is not necessarily bad, however, there needs to be a great reduction in that team average in order beat out the other teams.

Arkansas State is sitting in the number one spot currently and their average total score is 285.44. In order for GS to beat them, the Eagles will have to improve their 285.55 total average to jump the Red Wolves.

Not Letting the Hype Get to Their Head

GS Men’s Golf has killed it this season and it is apparent that they have worked hard to get where they are, but the Eagles can’t let that get in their head and I don’t think they will.

It says a lot when they continuously win and every teammate talks about how they chose to come to college at GS because of the great coaching and the team atmosphere. So, if they stay focused like they have been all season, things should land in GS’ favor.

As an athlete, it’s easy to listen to praise and forget about the goal, but this team would not be sitting at number two and taking home eight top ten finishes if there was not drive and determination on the course.

With these things in mind and the immense amount of talent that the Eagles have in the bag already, that combination is sure to play in their favor.

All the Eagles have to do now is practice, practice and think about how it will feel to hold that trophy on April 24 in Sandestin, Florida.

Bethany-Grace Bowers, The George-Anne Assisstant Sports Editor, gasports@georgiasouthern.edu