Hidden talent comes out at Open Mic


Kiara Morris and Elijah Clarke, Staff Writers

Open mic night brought out all of the talented students this past Monday, held in the Student Union ballroom.

Deqarius Cleveland, an undeclared freshman said, “I’m so excited for open mic night. This is arguably the most entertaining event all school year.”

Dequon Fryer MC’ed the event, and quickly vacated the stage as the first set of performers rose to begin. Two Armstrong students, Damon and Charlotte, performed a Christian ballad as Damon played the piano and sung while, Charlotte accompanied him with vocals.

After their performance, 16 audience members hit the stage to play a game, dividing themselves into two groups of eight. They had to arrange themselves into a line from youngest to oldest, but the catch was they had to do it without talking. After a minute of silly hand gestures, and fingers flying, everyone called out the birth date in a microphone. Both teams did poorly.

Once the game was over, Dequon returned to present a female duet led by Jameisha Porter and Dominique Miller- “No one” by Alicia Keys. Dequon then invited two audience members onstage to play “Guess the Celebrity.”

The contestants had to identify the person from a small zoomed in feature, like eyes or nose. The celebrities shown included Rihanna, Kim Kardashian West, Katt Williams, Taylor Swift, Zayn Malik and of course KCamp.

Damon returned back to the stage once again on the piano playing for Katelynn Moore, who wooed the crowd with a beautiful rendition of Adele’s “Make You Feel My Love.” Next up was Tatjuana who sang a light R&B ballad. The audience responded well to her light, harmonic voice.  Alicia Keys’ music made a reappearance when Jessica covered “Fallin’”.

Jordaan Alphonse rapped an original song, and afterward played the piano for another rapper named Swolo. Swolo also performed an original song. At the end of the event, the SGA graciously offered everyone to take any remaining food from the event.

Blake Ciccio, a sophomore majored in Public Relations said, “This was the best one I’ve been to. Some of the participants were really talented.”