The Urban Gypsy Trunk Show returns to Savannah

“We value lasting traditions.” We’ve all heard this at least once in reference to our Georgia Southern VALUES. One of these timeless traditions is our football program, and more specifically, the beloved game day. Georgia Southern students have a history and reputation of being a tough group to play in front of. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s actually pretty cool. I think it’s great that students get so passionate about supporting our team. However, even in Paulson Stadium, we have the responsibility of being respectful to each other, to our guests, our team and even the opposing team and their fans.

Last week at the game against App State, I was somewhat disappointed in our students. This was a huge day for GSU with the opportunity for national exposure. The decision of so many students to throw things on the field the whole time showed extreme disrespect to not only the other team, but to our players and coaches as well as other GSU supporters trying to enjoy the game.

The instance with the eagle head signs wasn’t the only issue. When students shout vulgar chants and insults, use rude gestures or show up so drunk that they can’t even walk without bothering people, they are giving off the image that Georgia Southern students are rude, disrespectful and immature. Is this what parents want their families exposed to? Is this behavior what makes alumni want to donate and give back? Is this the image we want to display to the country?

I urge everyone to think about this and really consider how you act when you fill the stands, both in Paulson and on the road. YOU are Georgia Southern. YOU are the Eagle Nation. YOU are what people will think of when they think of this school. Let’s try to make that thought a positive one.

Caleb Rogers

senior public relations major


Kayla Gamble, Staff Writer


The Urban Gypsy Trunk Show may not be what you would think of upon first hearing of it. It does not take place in a theatre or convention center, but instead, all over the United States, its exact location varying in accordance to its coordinator and creator, Elle Erickson’s preference. It also doesn’t deal so much with entertainment show much as it does with fashion.

The Urban Gypsy Trunk Show, a traveling, pop-up thrift shop, graced Sulfur Studios from March 30 to April 2 with a mix of eclectic and vintage fashion, Tarot card readings and face painting.

The show travels the country, making stops anywhere coordinator and creater Elle Erickson chooses.

“It only took me five hours to set up,” Erickson said.

Erickson’s hard work paid off, as a stream of customers consistently poured in and out of the show.

Alongside Erickson, other vendors sold their wares including local illustrator Sarah Stevenson selling zines and stickers, and local jewelry maker Paige Samek selling jewelery. Stephanie Cherico, a fashion design major at SCAD, found it great that Erickson is promoting clothing sustainability, and loved that she could find vintage clothing at an affordable price.

Despite the whimsical setting and upbeat music, Erickson has a serious purpose in mind. According to Erickson, clothing isn’t her main passion, but that she wishes to help people.

“The clothes are just a way to get people here. Really I just enjoy connecting and inspiring and talking about things like helping people to quit smoking and eat better. That’s my passion,” she explained.

On top of offering what she calls “shitty advice,” Erickson also distributes pamphlets advising shoppers to check out documentaries on self love and happiness. She shares positive messages, offers enlightening books on everything from quitting smoking to “healing yourself” and tries to encourage people not to shop at big clothing stores like Forever 21 and H&M.

Her reason behind the latter is that these and other major clothing stores tend to use child workers to make their clothes which is exploitive and produces clothes that are not sustainable.

Erickson’s Urban Gypsy Trunk Show comes to Savannah every three months and offers a rotation of various local artists and vendors. For more information about Erickson, her Gypsy Trunk Show and other work, check out