Science Center Parking Lot Closed for Vaccine Drive Thru Clinic

Limited Vaccinations Available for Eligible Students

Rebecca Munday, Managing Editor

All parking on Arts Drive, including the Science Center parking lot, will be closed on Mar 1 and Mar 2. Additionally, traffic through this area will be closed on March 2. 

During this time, Georgia Southern will set up a drive thru clinic in the Science Center parking lot for students, faculty and staff, who are eligible under 1A+ guidelines. 

Between the hours of 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Tuesday, Mar 2, the volunteers at the drive-thru clinic will administer a limited number of doses of the Moderna vaccine to students, faculty and staff, who are eligible under 1A+. Eligible students, faculty and staff should check their university email for more information regarding how to obtain their first dose of the vaccine, at no cost to them. 

To find out more about who is eligible under phase 1A+, visit The Georgia Department of Public Health or read Are you eligible for the vaccine? by George-Anne correspondent, Alejandro DeLaFuente.

To find out more about the Moderna vaccine and the process of getting a vaccine at a Georgia Southern drive-thru clinic read COVID-19 Virtual Town Hall by George-Anne Inkwell managing editor, Rebecca Munday.