Make the Most of the Dining Commons


Cabrianna Johnson, Contributor

The first day of walking into the dining hall here at Georgia Southern will probably overwhelm you. There’s so much great food there’s only so much that your stomach can take. Don’t be disappointed when you can’t try everything. You’ll get your chance. Overtime, the food at the Dining Commons can get old. Here are some tips to make the best of eating at the dining halls.

Try Something New
Eating the same dish, like pizza, for dinner each night can get so boring. Challenge yourself to try a new dish every so often and open your taste buds to new discoveries.

Mix This with That
I’m not talking about the “mix everything together and I dare you to eat it” from grade school. I’m suggesting that you put foods together to get a whole new taste. For example, adding grilled chicken to your salad, or cutting up bananas and putting them in your cereal.

Eat at Both Dining Halls
Some people forget about Lakeside, by Lake Ruby. Both dining halls have similar things that they serve like pizza, sandwiches, and salads-but they do serve different items and the items they have in common have a completely different taste. For example, some people prefer Lakeside’s pizza over the Dining Commons.

Fall Back to Comfort Food
On those days when you walk in the dining hall and nothing seems appealing, choose a dish that you are used to and is considered your personal comfort food. A bowl of cereal and pizza seems to be a popular option for most students.

Get a Nutritionist
Georgia Southern offers the option of working with a dietitian to ensure that you are eating healthy to your best ability on campus. Instead of getting depressed over eating sandwiches everyday, having someone suggest different meal options might be what you need to get you off the track of the same ol’ same ol’ food.

Don’t Overdo your Meal Plan
Having an unlimited meal plan is great, but eating at the dining halls five times a day is too often. Eating that much a day, you are going to get tired of the food by the first month. Two main meals a day with maybe a smaller meal in between is common for most students.