Love Your Leggings

Dana Lark

Athleisure. This is the stretchy, seamless, usually black, mostly tight- except when it shouldn’t be fashion trend that has taken our campus, the grocery store and a few lucky workplaces by storm.

Some trends turn out to be cringeworthy in hindsight; others quickly phase out before you realize what you’re wearing isn’t cool anymore (you can raise your hand now if you bought a sherpa hoodie too late). However, I’m declaring that this one is here to stay. I’m constantly wondering how I survived (and wondering what in the world I wore) before leggings.

On a serious note, there is a time and place to actually get dressed. Know the limits. Be cool. Don’t cross the line and wear leggings to a job interview (unless its a skype interview).

Wearing leggings is a simple, concrete way to be sweet to yourself. It’s a kind gesture; an “I love you” of sorts. It’s a mad world out there, so why should you have to spend the day trapped behind a cold, hard prison gate: the button, the zipper, the jean.

A USA Today article cited the long history of jean sales, specifically the denim giant Levi Strauss, which has been around for well over a century. The article states that Levi has taken hits from a corduroy and khaki rush, but quickly regained its ground. The athleisure trend has impacted the company in a different way because it “reflects a fundamental lifestyle change.”

It’s important to speak on the legging selection in the athleisure department: not all leggings are created equal. I’ve been living in leggings for quite some time and can vouch for Gap’s GapFit collection in the mid-range budget, typically averaging around $50 a pair. They hide the things I don’t want seen and compliment the curves. The material is the perfect- not too thin, with a waist band that works like a magic-eraser for the love handles. Lululemon is a high-end athleisure brand with a great reputation, but be ready to shell out close to $100.

At the end of the day, wear what you love. Wear what feels good. Comfort promotes confidence. Let’s ride this wave, who knows how long it’s here for.