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Isaac Taylor

Eagle Motorsports, the Georgia Southern division of the Society of Automotive Engineers, welcomes students of all majors.

While the organization is mainly comprised of engineering majors, Evan Duffield, president of Eagle Motorsports, would like to promote the fact that there is a place for everyone in the organization.

“The Society of Automotive Engineers is supposed to benefit students and build their resumes so they can better their opportunities for getting jobs in the industry that we are all trying to get into,” Duffield said.

Even individuals with little to no prior knowledge of the inner workings of an automobile can receive training and education that, within a year, will allow them to become well versed with parts and tools.

For students looking to go specifically into the automobile industry, the experience Eagle Motorsports offers in invaluable.

“We’re all going to graduate with the same degree, but it’s what you do outside of that that puts you in a better position for jobs,” Duffield said.

Other than the engine itself, each and every part that goes into the cars that are built are made in house.

Also, there are two annual competitions that members of Eagle Motorsports compete in. These design and build competitions are attended by industry leading professionals from companies such as Ford, Tesla and SpaceX.

They offer an opportunity to network and learn from veterans of the industry.

There are currently 153 members and Eagle Motorsports are looking to add more in the future.