Welcome To The Reflector Community

Macy Holloway

This is the Reflector Community.
Each and every student at Georgia Southern has an open-ended opportunity to be a part of the RC and get their conversation started. The mission is simple: to ensure that your voice may be shared and your opinions heard. If talking about the rights of humans versus the rights of animals is your passion–let it be heard, if you’d like to explain why it’s acceptable to wear slip-ons and athletic shorts every single day–let it be heard, from video game crazes to thoughts on marriage equality, here in the Reflector Community, each opinion is invaluable.
As GSU students, and more importantly, thinking and active members of the world community it is imperative that our conversations be heard by those who are willing to listen. Let this not be your personal diary, let it be an informed and opinionated blog to share your experiences and ideas with the community around you. As a generation of progressive-minded adults it is our responsibility to unite and reflect on life’s many opportunities; however, it is our moral responsibility to also discuss the hard stuff.
What you have to say matters, so let’s start the conversation.
Macy Holloway,
Reflector Community Editor