Game Day Rituals

Alexi Simpson

“Georgia! Southern!” “Who’s House? Our House!” “Wings Up, Eagle Nation!” are some phrases just about every student at Georgia Southern University knows by heart. Game Days at Southern are always filled with school spirit, gold, blue and white. It’s a time where everyone becomes best friends with other students around them for a few hours. There are so many events that happen on game day, and these rituals remind us why we are the best team in America.

Getting Ready for the Game

There is nothing better than getting dressed up with your friends and sporting gold, blue or white. You guys can play music, talk about your week, destress and comment on how fun it will be when we beat the opposing team.

Freedom’s Flight

Hearing the Southern Pride Marching Band plays “Final Countdown” while we wait for Freedom’s arrival is always an exciting part of the game. The whole stadium gets quiet, and we all look towards the top of the bleachers in anticipation for our beloved eagle, Freedom. Watching him land causes the crowd to cheer and gets people excited for the game.

All I Do is Win, Win, Win

Before the game officially starts, the song “All I Do Is Win” by Dj Khaled always plays. It’s a great way to hype up the crowd and the lyrics “All I do is win, win, win, no matter what” sets the tone for the game as we let the opposing team know what they are in for. 

Chanting with Gus

Another tradition that happens before kickoff is Gus and the cheerleaders hyping up the crowd. He holds up a sign so the student section an scream Georgia, while the other section screams Southern. After that, he has the student section scream Who’s House, while the other section screams Our House. The stadium is filled with so much school spirit and once again, we remind the opposing team that they don’t stand a chance.

Game Day Entertainment

When there is a break during the game, the school will often have games and prizes for students and guests. One game that gets the crowd pumped is air guitar, where two students are selected to do an Air Guitar performance on the field. Afterwards, the crowd has the opportunity to vote for the winner. The students also love getting free t-shirts, so if a student is loud, showing school spirit, and lucky, they have a chance to get a free shirt in the t-shirt toss. The school hosts a pizza eating contest as well as many other games.

Fireworks and a canon after a touchdown


It’s always exciting seeing one of our players score a touchdown. Southern celebrates each touchdown by setting off fireworks and firing a canon.

Singing Southern’s alma mater and “It Is Well” when the game is over

No team likes to lose, but Georgia Southern is no sore loser. It’s a tradition for some students to stay in the stands while the band plays Southern’s Alma Mater and “It is Well” after every game while students hold each other’s shoulders and sing the song. It’s amazing how he school can still have school spirit even when we didn’t perform our best.  
Game Days at Georgia Southern are unique, filled with school spirit and may serve as some of the greatest times in your college career. These days wouldn’t be the same without these traditions, and this is what makes the football games memorable. Come out and be a part of these game day rituals while watching the “Greatest Team in America.”
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