Preparing for Finals

Gabby Smith, Multimedia Journalism

Preparing for the end of the semester.

Finals are just around the corner and many students are in need of motivation and good advice. Your newsroom Gabby Smith has the story.

The end of the semester can be stressful with finals, and finishing up those last few assignments. Campus has many resources to help students get through this stressful time. Finals can be overwhelming but remember to go easy on yourself.

Don’t stress yourself out, there are plenty of ways to get help and study. You know study groups , teachers. Just take a breather and relax and you got this.”

The library will be open 24 hours during finals week and study rooms will be available to reserve for group sessions. If you have any finals online you can take them on the fourth floor where noise is prohibited. If you feel more comfortable taking them in the comfort of your room…all residents halls observe quiet time during the late horse of finals week. When choosing an environment to study, always remember to be respectful of the people around you.

 “ Take your time studying and make sure that you do take your breaks in between studying and taking care of your mind.”

I’m Gabby Smith reporting to you from the Zach Henderson Library.

For more information about activities that will be going on during finals week follow the Georgia Southern instagram page. Good luck eagles.