Reflector Sitcom Picks

Kenneth Lee

Last Saturday, this April Fools, the long-awaited third season of Rick and Morty was streaming online, not as a joke, but as a gift for fans and comedy lovers alike. Full episodes of the critically acclaimed, animated comedy are unfortunately unavailable on Netflix or Amazon Prime, so instead, here are a few sitcom picks (all available on Netflix) to celebrate the annual passing of the comedy-centered, prank-heavy holiday.


The stealth premiere of the third season of Rick and Morty was such a bombshell that the news of Archer season seven being dropped on Netflix for April 1 got lost in the shuffle. Archer is an animated, adult sitcom mixing both spycraft and crass jokes. The series follow the wild antics of secret agent Sterling Archer and his coworkers as they employ various means to save the world. Binging the show will indoctrinate viewers into obnoxiously shouting, “Lana,” “Danger Zone,” and other recurring catchphrases its characters are known for.

Master of None

Before Atlanta but after the success of Louie, Master of None is a rich look on the introspective musing of actor-comedian Aziz Ansari. Although the show invited similarities with Louie after premiering, Master of None is very much the predecessor of Donald Glover’s Atlanta. Both shows swiftly won over audiences with their creativity and unique personalities; both shows are helmed by actor-comedians who are persons of color.

Aziz Ansari’s comedy features many topics such as intergenerational relationships between family members, disconnect between immigrants and their children, interracial dating, race issues, and more, all with a strong splash of laugh-out-loud comedy.   

The Grinder

The Grinder is a show that answers the prayers of Parks and Rec fans who wished there was a show with Rob Lowe’s Chris Traeger as the main protagonist. The Grinder pairs Fred Savage (The Wonder Years) and Rob Lowe (Parks and Rec) as mismatched brothers who work at the same law firm. Rob Lowe’s character brings the same intensity and high-strung earnestness that his previous Parks and Rec character was known for, making the one season wonder an absolute delight.